St James' Park

The home of Newcastle United Football Club, St. James' Park sits in the centre of the city and helps define the skyline. The clubs' charity, the Newcastle United Foundation, commissioned three bespoke LEGO models in 2016. One was auctioned off to a lucky winner in London, and another was won by a raffle ticket sale during the season. The third is held by the charity and occasionally appears on display. Check out the picture of me and ex-manager Rafa Benitez when we took the model to the training ground!

Lighting is run off two sets of LEDs, one inside the building, and another thread through LEGO pieces on the roof to work as floodlights. As with many of my models it had to be built around the lighting system. This is the only model of size that I've created more than one version of. All three were built at the same time, with time-lapse cameras on one to document the progress, which can be viewed here St James' Park LEGO time-lapse.

The model includes some printed pieces, including the names of the stands and the logo, created as always for me by the brilliant Fab Bricks

In 2019 the Foundation came to me about creating a smaller model that could be built by patients on the Children's Cancer ward at the RVI in Newcastle. See more about that here: St James' Park with instructions. The instructions are available for free.

Facts and figures

  • Scale 1:430
  • Size 65 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm height
  • Brick count Approx. 10,000
  • Bespoke printing NUFC crest and stand names printed on tiles on the outside of the structure. Centre circle also printed.
  • Time to build 12 weeks
  • Completed November 2016
  • Client Newcastle United Foundation
  • Where is the model now? Newcastle United Foundation