Where it started, and where we are now! The evolution of the telephone, from an early 1880's hand-crank wall phone, through to a classic red rotary cradle phone, the appearance of mobile phones in the 1980s, more recent mobiles including the iPhone and the kind of satellite that connects them.

We can hardly imagine a world without phones, but the technology has appeared and evolved in the blink of an eye. What we take for granted today would have seemed like magic just a few decades ago. We are connected like never before. What is next? What will future generations take for granted? How do we ensure that this technology is at our command, rather than the other way round?

These bespoke LEGO models - all life sized except for the satellite - were created for a LEGO exhibition about human progress and development which is currently on display in Newcastle at the Centre for Life.

(At the time of writing this - December 2020 - the Centre is closed due to Coronavirus).