Life Complete 6798

The Centre for Life

August 2020 - May 2021

Now open at The Centre for Life is the largest collection of bespoke LEGO models I've ever built! From Stephenson's Rocket to robotics to the Burj Khalifa, the collection explores some of the great achievements and developments of humanity. 

The exhibition took 18 months to put together and was one of the most exciting projects I've worked on. But where to start with such a topic?! You could create this exhibition 10 times over and select different models each time. The exhibition is not intended to be particularly 'objective', almost rather an introduction to the theme. We wanted visitors to be inspired and ask questions, to consider what they might include. The content was heavily influenced by my own interests - Shackleton's Endurance reflecting my deep interest in polar exploration, the skyscrapers my fascination for iconic architecture, Stephenson's Rocket from a desire to create a striking model of an iconic vehicle that was built, in 1829, just a few miles from my studio. Given longer and more budget, I could have gone on - the discovery of DNA, the Internet.... 

I also wanted people to come away with an increased understanding of what can be done with LEGO! I built at different scales, using a variety of techniques. Accuracy was key, as was creating a 'wow-factor'. 

Get along if you can! The Centre has an admission fee - please check their website for details of opening times and prices.

(At the time of writing this - December 2020 - the Centre is closed due to the COVID-19).