If you're interested in commissioning a bespoke LEGO model, please get in touch. I work at a variety of scales and sizes, and have built models with budgets ranging from £200 to £15,000. I'm a firm believer than practically anything can be modelled with LEGO!

My gallery section shows examples of previous bespoke LEGO models, including one-offs and instruction-based models. I work for a range of clients, including galleries, museums and other venues looking to add to their offering, such as my models of Bowes Museum and The Alnwick Garden. I also work for architects who want to visualise a development in 3D form, such as my model of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool. At a private level, I have produced one-offs as extra special LEGO gifts, such as my Schluter tractor.

You can email me at steve@brickthis.co.uk, call 07989 349467 or complete the form below: 

Comission Models

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