I love to share my passion for LEGO.

If you're interested in a workshop either at my studio, or at another venue, please get in touch. My studio can host around 15 people, and can be run around all sorts of themes and for all ages. 

Examples include:

  • Building models around a theme - e.g. bridges, or sustainable buildings. What would architecture look like in a world of rising sea levels? Can you build a model showing how green roofs and walls can be incorporated?
  • Recreating an existing model in miniature. Can you build a small version of my Civic Centre model, or St James' Park, in an hour? What about doing it in a different style? A steampunk football ground, or space-aged one?
  • Team-building exercises. Can you work as co-operating teams to build a bridge from each side of a river to meet in the middle?

The possibilities with LEGO are limitless, so please get in touch if you want to discuss holding a workshop.

You can email me at steve@brickthis.co.uk or call 07989 349467 or complete the form below: