Workshops at The Common Room

Posted by Steve • 3rd August 2021

I've recently ran some workshops at The Common Room of the North in central Newcastle. It involved designing some mini-models around the theme of engineering which people could build during one-hour sessions. The instructions for the models are all available for free below:

Stephenson's Rocket: The Rocket Lego V2

Geordie Lamp: Geordie Lamp V2

Electric car: Electric Car Lego V2

Wind turbine: Wind Turbine Lego V2

Swing Bridge: Swing Bridge V2

If you make your own versions based on these instructions feel free to post on social media and tag Brick This and The Common Room. Don't worry if you don't have all the parts or the right colours - the beauty of LEGO is that there are many ways to get the end result. Perhaps you can make a better version!?


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