The lure of LEGO!

Posted by Steve • 8th January 2021

A bespoke LEGO model can be a great way of drawing people in. Over the past few years I have worked for a number of venues who have realised that adding LEGO to their offering can be a big win - it has wide appeal, and will even bring in people who would not consider visiting otherwise, such is the power of LEGO!

I've produced models for destinations that include:

The Alnwick Garden

Bowes Museum

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The Centre for Life

English Heritage site Belsay Hall

For each project the aim was to recreate their building or site and display it for all to see. It can be a great way of showing what you are visiting, in a format that is instantly recognisable by all. For some I've also ran workshops alongside, or provided instructions for mini versions of the build that visitors can make on site or at home with their own LEGO collection - great social media potential! 

For The Alnwick Garden, the role of the model goes beyond merely something to look at - for such a big site it works as a 3D map of the grounds, helping people to understand the Garden and its layout. Likewise for the Bowes Museum, where in addition to the centre-piece model of the Museum, I recreated 18 items from their collection which were displayed alongside the real exhibits around the museum. Visitors followed a trail to find them all, and collected a sticker at each one to add to an album.

Of course, writing this in early 2021, the idea of people crowding around a model or diving into a box of LEGO bricks in a workshop seems very odd, but we will get back to such times, and if you're a venue looking for a sure-fire way of getting people out and about, LEGO can be a real winner. Please get in touch if you want to discuss a potential LEGO project.