St James' Park - free instructions

Posted by Steve • 20th January 2021

I originally created a mini LEGO St James' Park for the Newcastle United Foundation a few years back, for the charity to build with patients on the Children's Cancer Ward at the RVI in Newcastle. It was a fantastic project, trying to capture the essence of the landmark in a model that could be built by young people. We didn't want something overly complicated, but neither did we want something that would take just a few minutes to build. The kids got to keep the model they made. The instructions have been available for free since then. 

I've now just updated the model, covering some of the exposed studs (I like smooth, tiled finishes!), and adding in the Sir Bobby Robson statue. There is a animated video of the build on my YouTube channel here.

If you want to get the instructions just contact me and I'll e-mail them to you. If you feel able to make a donation to the Foundation, please visit their website: NU Foundation. The instructions also come with a Wanted List that can be uploaded to BrickLink to order the pieces, and there is also information on how to order the special printed pieces should you wish to do so.

Check out my much larger version here too!


  • I have a son who loves building Lego (even though is is approaching his 30th birthday later this year). He even produced framed mini kilted Lego men wearing the same outfits for his best men and a wedding cake topper of him and his bride for his wedding two years ago.
    I work for NU-Foundation and would love to buy him the required bricks and have the instructions for St James’ Park for his 30th Birthday.
    Many thanks.
    Dave Pick

    Posted by Dave Pick.
  • Hello.

    Please can I request a copy of the St James Park instructions to complete with my son? Money is tight but I'm very much considering buying the Newcastle Gateshead skyline instructions as a treat to myself - it looks great!

    Are the 'free' SJP instructions the same as the ones for sale as well, or are they different models (I'm a little confused)

    Kind Regards

    Posted by Jamie Wilson.
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    Posted by Lee Hedley.