Space Week

Posted by Steve • 14th October 2021

For Space Week I ran some LEGO workshops at The Common Room in Newcastle. I designed two new models based on NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover and their Ingenuity Mars Explorer. The workshops were really popular with each of the 4 session fully-booked!

Attendees had a chance to build each of the models using the instructions I produced. If they were quick, I challenged them to build their version of a Mars rover using parts from a Stephenson's Rocket model produced for LEGO workshops back in the summer. It was great to see their creativity!

The instructions for the two models can be downloaded for free here:

Perseverance Mars Rover - Perseverance

Ingenuity Mars Explorer - Ingenuity

To find out about booking a LEGO workshop and/or having bespoke models designed, please contact me.


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