Local LEGO models at IKEA!

Posted by Steve • 1st May 2021

IKEA Gateshead currently has a display of my local LEGO models in their children's' department. The models, including St James' Park and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge are part of their promotion of the new BYGGLEK storage boxes designed in collaboration with LEGO. 

Back in 2020 I was sent some of the boxes prior to their launch to see what I made of them, with the resulting imagery being used by LEGO on their social media. It led to me contacting the local store to see if there was the potential to display some of my models of the area in the store, and also to use some of the boxes as part of the display. It took a while thanks to the pandemic, but they are now installed and will be on display until around the end of July.

Its great to know that a brand as large and global as IKEA have the flexibility and interest to help support a small local business, and I'm really grateful to them for helping to put together the display!

The models incorporating their BYGGLEK boxes include a mini Millennium Bridge on one of the lids, a Tyne Bridge that uses the boxes as bases for the towers, and a micro-scale version of the Gateshead store on a lid. 


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