LEGO photography workshop

Posted by Steve • 3rd February 2021

I was honoured recently to be asked to present a workshop on how to photograph LEGO models, in advance of the second Brick Train Awards (open for entries Feb 1st - 28th 2021)

Before my career took an unexpected turn and I became a LEGO artist, I was a freelance photographer. For over 10 years I specialised in architectural photography, documenting exteriors and interiors for architects, developers and other such clients. That career was my 'break-from-a-steady-job' move to follow a passion, and I really didn't expect to move on again. At best I saw LEGO modelling as a side-line - an interesting extra service to offer a host of clients who were often into LEGO anyway. But LEGO took over completely!

In this workshop I cover some of techniques to improve your photography of LEGO models. Whilst the workshop was for the Brick Train Awards, the principles are relevant to any sort of model. Whether you use a phone or DSLR, it moves from very cheap and quick ways to improve the quality of your images to more comprehensive studio set-ups. There's also a very quick introduction to SLR cameras and a Photoshop process I use a lot.

The workshop was recorded and is available here on YouTube: LEGO photography workshop. I can't bring myself to watch it back as this was a first run of this workshop! 

I'm happy to be contacted by e-mail if anyone has any questions or queries around photographing your LEGO models.