Corporate LEGO gifts

Posted by Steve • 12th September 2021

A mini LEGO welding machine! PWP Industrial based in Bedford approached me recently about creating a gift-with-purchase that was a little bit different - a LEGO version of their Fronius welding machine. The resulting model has around 200 pieces including some bespoke printed parts. All customers who receive one get their set in a presentation box with all the parts and a printed booklet.

The sets were great fun to design - not a subject matter I've tackled before, but just goes to show that LEGO can be used to create almost anything! 

LEGO as a gift is a really unique way to help engage with your customers, getting them involved with your product and brand in a way that other corporate gifts often don't, by actually requiring them to spend some time building it! I've worked on corporate gifts ranging from 50 to 1,000 parts, and set quantities from 10 to 100. For another example see my Peace Tower project. Watch this space for details of a few more corporate gift LEGO projects I'm working on at the moment, including a mixing desk and moon rover! And of course please get in touch if you want to discuss the idea for your business.


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