Commission a LEGO® model

Posted by Steve • 28th March 2018

A LEGO model can be a real talking point. As an exhibition piece, a way of fund-raising, an educational tool - the possibilities are endless! My interest is primarily in architecture and the built environment, where LEGO seems particularly useful.  It can be used to accurately recreate existing structures at all scales, or it can be used to explore ideas and concepts for new developments. The very nature of it means that models can be adapted and extended as plans develop, and the intuitiveness of it means that people of all ages can relate to it. 

The above model of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors was commissioned as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations, and is the centrepiece of their Shaping the World, Building the Future exhibition being held throughout 2018 in their HQ on Parliament Square, London.

For examples of other projects see here.


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