Have your model included in the Great Exhibition of the North!

Posted by Steve • 27th April 2018

Calling all LEGO fans! As part of my LEGO Timeline of Northern Innovation there will be space to display the creations of other LEGO builders. The theme is innovation, and my display includes all sorts of models, from Stephenson's Rocket to the Beatles to graphene to the Angel of the North, but I had to leave lots out! If you want to fill some of the gaps, or do your own version of one mine (how would you do it differently?), then get building. 

Things I've left out include: hydroelectric power at Cragside, the Co-Operative movement, Lucozade, the cat's eye, the joystick, Rolls Royce, Cludeo, Viz, the Jarrow March, Ant & Dec, all great Northern inventions, or people! Or think iconic landmarks like Hadrian's Wall, or the Humber Bridge. Or you could come up with your own invention, something that deals with a problem that the world faces today, such as pollution of the seas.

As an example, LEGO fans Noah and Clara have created a version of Newcastle's Swing Bridge - shown above - that even moves! 

If you want to drop me a line to suggest an idea, or to send me photos of something you're working on (or perhaps already have that might fit the bill), its steve@brickthis.co.uk.

All models will have to be checked by me for suitability, but there's no particular criteria beyond being relevant to the theme of the Great Exhibition of the North and being suitable for audiences of all ages. You'll have to deliver your model yourself, but we will keep them displayed safely and you'll get them back at the end of the Exhibition.

This is not a competition, and there is no age limit. I'm just as interested in the 'imaginative' creations of a six year old as I am a complex and intricate model designed by their grown-ups!


The display shelves are about 10 inches deep, so the LEGO baseboards that are 32x32 studs will fit. Models can be longer, and up to 20 inches high, but please try to keep the width 10 inches or less.


The Exhibition opens June 22nd, but there is no need to have it ready for then. The Exhibition closes September 9th so I'll accept submissions probably until the end of August at the latest.