Bespoke architectural LEGO® models

My passion and interest is primarily architecture and the built environment. I work at a variety of scales and sizes. In all projects I aim to create something that is as accurate as possible, in terms of overall form, proportions and colour. All built structures tend to have a relatively small number of features that define them. These can vary from person-to-person in terms of the relative importance, but there is usually overall agreement. For the Eiffel Tower it’s the tapering shape and the colour. For the Sydney Opera House it’s the white curves. For the Angel of the North it’s the curvy body and the colour. 

Recreating in LEGO always requires some compromises, but my first aim is to retain as closely as possible the core features of the building.


If the building in question exists already, I like to visit to photograph it extensively. This isn’t always possible or necessary – a well-known building will have lots of images on the Internet already, and Google maps and street view can be immensely useful. If you have photographs of the building already, these can be great source material, as can any architectural drawings and plans, which really help with scaling. Then I get building! Rarely do I use software to design in advance. It adds a lot of time to the build process, and there are some techniques that aren’t possible to produce in software. With many builds I produce time-lapse videos of the process, and if this is required please let me know so I can set it up from the start.

Metro Crop

I am a LEGO purist

I don’t glue my models, and I only use official LEGO pieces. I do occasionally use supporting structures but only where necessary for the stability of the model. I don’t alter or cut any pieces, but I do have logos and other text printed on bricks occasionally. For example, my St James’ Park model has the Newcastle United crest on the side, and my Metro train has the logo on the side, printed pattern on the seats, and the Metro system map above the doors!


Workshops and Talks

I run regular workshops and public builds – please check the Events page for more information. I’m happy to discuss private events, such as corporate away days, but note that I'm not currently in the kids’ birthday party business! If you have a small group (up to 15 maximum) who would like to visit the studio, please get in touch.