Tyne and Wear Metro

Nexus approached me about recreating one of the iconic Tyne and Wear Metro trains early in 2017. They required a 3 metre long model, and they wanted to involve the public. I designed and built one half of the train, and then developed instructions for different sections of the identical second half. This was a complex process, requiring the reconstruction as a digital design, production of step-by-step instructions, and the testing of them. We then ran a week-long event at The Word in South Shields where 100 children between the ages of 5 and 11 came along and build a section of the model, such as a seat, or a door, or a side panel. It was a fantastic project, and the resulting train was displayed in The Word for over three months, before moving to the Nexus HQ in Newcastle.

The model is the largest I've produced to date, and also the largest scale at 1:10. This allowed for a high level of detail and accuracy, which appealed to my perfectionist nature! 

Lighting was included as LED strip lights that run throughout the train and light it in the same places as in the real train. The model splits into 4 sections for ease of transport.

Facts and figures

  • Scale 1:10
  • Size 30cm x 3metres x 30cm height
  • Brick count Approx. 22,000
  • Bespoke printing Metro logo on sides and front, seat pattern on all seats, system maps above the doors, carriage number 4091
  • Time to build 8 weeks
  • Completed August 2017
  • Client Nexus
  • Where is the model? Nexus HQ reception area, Newcastle